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The sweet smell of orchids, the hoppy taste of your favorite IPA, and many more scents all attribute their aromas to terpenes. Ocimene is a sweet, herbaceous terpene with practical, real-world uses and some potential health benefits. 

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are compounds found in plants that affect their taste and smell. They are responsible for the fresh scent of lavender, the sweet taste of limes, the earthy scent and taste of most perfumes and colognes, and that peppery taste you can find in peppercorns. Most plant terpenes play an important role in warding off predators and attracting pollinators. 

Where Can I Find Ocimene?

In cannabis, ocimene is responsible for the sweet, herbaceous flavors of certain strains. With aromas of citrus and floral undertones, ocimene is a perfect pairing for home gardeners and florists alike. This terpene is found in many sativa and sativa-dominant strains, like Lemon Jeffrey, a Bask favorite. 

In nature, ocimene is found in orchids, mint, parsley, and hops. This is fitting for this terpene, with its herbaceous and floral tastes and scents. The next time you try a hoppy IPA or smell a floral beer, it’s possible the hops -a key ingredient in most beers- contain this special terpene. 

Ocimene has also been used by the perfume industry. If you find perfumes and colognes with this terpene, its floral aroma will be a top note, not its main scent. If you’re particular about not having a floral scent, look for perfumes without this particular terpene.

Check out this Ocimene Infographic

Ocimene Infographic

What are the Effects & Potential Benefits of Ocimene?

While further research is required, it has been found that ocimene may also have potential health benefits. In 2014, a study was conducted that found that it assists in the reduction of inflammation. Another study was conducted in 2013, which showed that it may help treat symptoms of diabetes.

A truly underrated and mostly unknown terpene, ocimene has become a real powerhouse in the terpene community. This terpene is making an impact across a vast array of industries including health research, the perfume industry, the floral industry, and craft beer. 

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