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This Mother’s Day, we sat down with a few of the cannamoms here at Bask to talk about how cannabis helps in their day-to-day life and how they handle the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption, especially as moms. As cannabis legalization continues across the United States, it’s more important than ever to advocate for cannabis education and an end to the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption.

Elina, a member of our education team, spoke with us about how working in the cannabis industry has given her the cannabis knowledge needed to help her feel more comfortable with her status as a cannamom.


elina is a patient educator here at bask

Learn about our education specialist and how cannabis is a part of her lifestyle in many ways

Why do you choose to consume cannabis?

I enjoy unwinding just like anyone else, it’s just not going to be with alcohol. Drinking gives me horrible headaches and I feel less in control of my mind. I choose cannabis because I can relax my mind and muscles and wake up feeling rested and ready to start my day. 


“Self-care is super important to mental health not just for mothers, but for everyone.”


How do you incorporate cannabis into your life?

It sparks my creativity – I love to create. For me, cannabis tends to elevate feelings of euphoria, creativity, and some strains increase energy. I like a Sativa strain to stimulate my mind and get me to a creative place. Being creative is my method of self-care, which is super important for mental health, not just for mothers but for everyone. Applying a lotion containing cannabis oil and lavender can be a great way to unwind after a long day, too. 

There is so much stigma surrounding cannabis and parenting, especially for mothers. How do you counter the stigma?

The stigma around cannabis consumption and being a mother is one I struggled with for quite a few years. However, working in the cannabis industry as an educator provides me with a very interesting privilege. I can discuss cannabis and its medical benefits very freely. I spend hours consulting individuals with painful medical conditions and help them to learn how cannabis can fit into their lives. Having those conversations leaves me feeling empowered as a cannabis mom. Just as consuming cannabis is my decision, if someone doesn’t want to associate with me because of my cannabis consumption, that’s their decision.


We also sat down with our General Manager, Amanda, and she discussed what it’s like to be a cannamom whose children are now adults and how the cannabis conversation has shifted over the years.


amanda is the general manager at bask read about her in this blog

Amanda has been in the cannabis industry for as long as she can remember. Learn about how the conversation of cannabis changes as children become adults.

How does cannabis fit into your busy life as a mom and a working professional?

At the end of the day, I don’t believe that alcohol is a suitable way for me to unwind. There’s no judgment towards those who do like that end-of-day glass of wine, I just prefer cannabis because I can choose different strains depending on my mood and situation. 



“I also think that the ritual of picking my flower, grinding it, and then rolling a joint is something that is almost like meditation.”


How has cannabis allowed you to focus on self-care and being present with your family?

Some days I’m looking to relax and destress so that I can be present with my kids (even as adults!) and not be stuck in work mode. Some days I need a little boost of energy so that I can hang out with them at night. I also think that the ritual of picking my flower, grinding it, and then rolling a joint is something that is almost like meditation. It’s nice to have that time of self-care when you have a lot on your plate. Being a mom is a lifelong job and making sure that you are at your best is so important.

amandas children as adults

Featured are Amanda’s children who have gained a love and respect for cannabis from watching their parents through the years.

How does the conversation surrounding cannabis change as your children become adults?

I think that when my kids were younger I tried to educate them on cannabis as a medicine. As they grow the conversation becomes more about using the plant thoughtfully and understanding how and when it is appropriate to consume it. I think that since we were growing and extracting during most of their childhood that they learned so much just by observing. I believe that watching the process from seed to extract gave them respect for it, which makes them appreciate it so much more.


Jen, a budtender at Bask, is a busy mom who manages daily tasks and parenting stress with the help of energizing strains.


jen is a budtender at bask and is a mother

Learn about Jen and how her role in the cannabis industry has shaped motherhood for her

In what ways has cannabis helped in your life as a parent?

I choose cannabis because it helps me in a lot of areas of life from managing stress, helping me complete mundane tasks like laundry, and helping curb my anxiety when it comes to making parenting decisions.

Do you find it difficult to balance being a cannamom and the busy life of parenting?

Cannabis is a big part of my daily tasks like housework but it also allows me to be more active with my family and be there for my children. It gives me the mental creativity and freedom to make crafts and do other fun projects. It also is a big piece of my bedtime ritual. Cannabis helps me to relax at the end of a long day and get a night of restful sleep.

“We’ve spent a lot of years in the dark about what cannabis does for the human body and mind.”


You are a proud supporter and advocate for cannamoms. Have you faced any backlash for your choice to consume cannabis as a parent?

Personally, I haven’t received a lot of backlash in my personal life. I try to surround myself with like-minded people and people who love and support me. I’ve been in the cannabis industry for 4 years and I am able to advocate for cannabis consumption in ways others may not be able. I find sometimes, that someone who is against cannabis consumption just needs more education overall. We’ve spent a lot of years in the dark about what cannabis does for the human body and mind.


Cannabis is very much a part of these moms’ lives: professional and at home. As many of them discussed, it has allowed them to be more reflective and aware of all aspects of their life. For many cannaparents, it allows them to respond and not react to situations, it allows them to reduce their anxiety after a long day at work, and most importantly it allows them to be present. The stigma surrounding mothers and the plant is quite powerful and absolutely turns many people away from even considering it. We applaud these women for actively working against the stigma they face constantly. 


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the cannamoms from Bask!