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Cannabinol or CBN, is a cannabinoid gaining a lot of traction in the market these days, but what does it do and why should you be intrigued? This cannabinoid can often be found in oxidized or aged cannabis, which may seem like a negative at first but CBN can be a powerful cannabinoid with many potential benefits. 


1. CBN is not a psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBN is often found in aged cannabis, however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it may enhance the effects produced by cannabis. However, CBN is not a psychoactive cannabinoid at all. 


2. CBN doesn’t necessarily make you tired – contrary to popular belief.

Many people believe that CBN makes you tired which is not quite right. CBN alone is not responsible for the drowsiness experienced from consuming oxidized or aged cannabis. One study found that it is the combination of THC and CBN that causes an increase in drowsiness following consumption.


3. This cannabinoid may be beneficial for the brain. 

Some scientific studies label CBN as a potential antibacterial and neuroprotectant. In one study completed over 2 decades ago, CBN was used to fight strains of MRSA, which is a bacteria that is typically immune to traditional antibiotic treatment.


4. CBN has shown some interesting results when performed on rodents.

CBN was found to delay the onset of ALS conditions in rodents. Cannabis studies performed on humans can be far and few between because we are only in the beginning stages of widespread scientific research. It is great to use the studies already out there (usually with animals) to educate yourself on where cannabis research is headed.


cannabinol molecule shown in front of a forest path

It’s important to note that different individuals may experience different effects based on their body’s reaction to various components of the cannabis plant including terpenes and cannabinoids. While we are still learning about how CBN and other cannabinoids react in the human body it can be challenging to gather all of the information yourself. 


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