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At Bask, we’re always looking to the future, and one way we’re doing that is through seedlings. Now, you might have some questions. What are seedlings? What makes seeds different from clones? We had the opportunity to sit down with Christian Powers, our Director of Cultivation to discuss his process and to answer our questions.

In this interview, we will be discussing pheno-hunting. A phenotype, or pheno for short, is the physical characteristics and expression of a cannabis plant. When we pheno-hunt, we are looking for the best physical traits and expressions for mass cultivation.

When it comes to cannabis, what are seedlings?

A seedling is an immature plant, typically referring to the first two to three weeks of the plant’s life cycle, post-germination from seed.

What are some of the advantages, if any, of starting new strains from seedlings rather than clones?

The advantage of starting strains from seed is that it allows you to pheno-hunt through the different plants and select a “keeper” pheno that is ideal for your production and grow environment based on a combination of factors such as plant structure, yield, and terpene profile to name a few.

What is the pheno-hunting process like for you?

The pheno-hunting process is fun & exciting but also tedious and requires a lot of attention to detail. It can take several months and grow cycles to see the cultivar’s true genetic expression and potential.

Where do you see seedlings playing a role in the future of Bask cultivation?

Seedlings will always play a crucial role in Cultivation at Bask. We are regularly starting new seeds in the never-ending pursuit of growing the best genetics and producing quality products.

What will happen to the strains we love?

As much as we would like to keep every strain around forever, it’s inevitable that we need to say goodbye to certain strains to make room for what’s next. Out with the old and in with the new.


At Bask, we like to revel in the good and grow for the better. With seedlings, we will never stop growing. Check out our menu here to experience the best of Bask flower now, and look to the future with us, as we hope to bring you even more exciting strains.