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To kick off our cannabinoid of the month feature, we’ll be discussing Cannabigerol (CBG). If you’re a cannabis consumer, you’re probably familiar with the cannabinoids THC and CBD, but did you know there are hundreds of cannabinoids that can be found in your cannabis plants? Different cannabinoids can produce a variety of effects and may help with a range of conditions.

Many people refer to Cannabigerol as CBG. That is also how you would identify it in the testing information of your cannabis product purchased at a dispensary. Like CBD, CBG is reported by some consumers to help reduce inflammation and pain without producing the psychoactive effect that is common with THC. It is also reported to buffer the paranoia some consumers experience when consuming THC. So, if you’re someone who is particularly sensitive to THC, you may want to try a strain with a high concentration of CBG (around 1% CBG). 

CBG is one of those cannabinoids that may work for a variety of conditions. Commonly reported effects of CBG include:

  • Anti-nausea
  • Fighting cancer cell growth
  • Encouraging homeostasis within the body to help wounds heal faster 
  • Reducing pain associated with Glaucoma
  • Relieving bowel-related pain
Temple Kush cannabis flower with Cannabigerol (CBG).

Over time, cannabis breeders have created some strictly CBG strains with an extremely high concentration (15-25%) of the cannabinoid because of its reported effects. Flower like this can be hard to find and is often paired with a very high price point due to its infancy in the industry. Many people prefer CBG to CBD so we may see a transition where the industry decides to move in that direction to meet the demand. As more research surfaces, we expect to see an increase in this cannabinoid’s presence in products.

Here at Bask, you can find CBG in our Temple Kush flower, as well as Howl’s Anytime Tincture which is made with Bask’s Temple Kush flower! 

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