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Often referred to as “the golden ratio”, 1:1 products have become very popular in recent years, hence their nickname. The Golden Ratio refers to the even ratio between THC and CBD in 1:1 products. Many consumers and patients prefer 1:1 products for different reasons including anxiety, pain management, and inflammation. But what the heck is 1:1 and what the heck is it doing?

Let’s start with some 1:1 product basics.

 As noted above, 1:1 often refers to an equal ratio between the two most well-known cannabinoids, CBD and THC. This equal balance is often preferred by consumers who are looking for relief without the high associated with products with high quantities of THC. Products can be found in a variety of ratios beyond 1:1, allowing consumers to find their ideal balance of CBD and THC. It can sometimes take a few tries to find what works well for your body and that may fluctuate over time. Consumer and patient handbooks available in our store can be an excellent tool for tracking specifics like this. Just ask for one when you are in store!

Let’s talk 1:1 product consumption.

Now that we’ve discussed what 1:1 is, let’s discuss consumption options. 1:1 can be found in a wide variety of products including flower; however, the most popular are edibles and tinctures. The biggest differences between edibles and tinctures are the onset times and how the cannabinoids are processed in the body.

Edibles such as candy, brownies, and cookies are processed through the liver and can take anywhere from an hour to five hours to kick in.  Typically, edibles can have a more profound therapeutic and longer-lasting effect than other consumption methods like smoking or vaping. The long-lasting effects of edibles can be desirable for those medicating for conditions like chronic pain and insomnia.

Tinctures are liquids infused with cannabis. Drops are placed under the tongue where the arterial blood supply absorbs the tincture rapidly. This method is often suggested for new consumers because it is the easiest way to measure and control dosage. Onset times can begin as fast as 15 minutes, making it an easy option to work into your daily routine. 

Regardless of your preferred method, Bask has got you covered. We offer a wide range of 1:1 edibles like Mindy’s, Incredibles, Slow N Steady, and For Play Chocolate! We also offer Howl’s tinctures made with Bask sun-grown flower, which are available in 1:1 and 10:1 CBD to THC ratios.

Want to learn more about finding the right ratio of CBD and THC for you? Call, text, or email our education team today!

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