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At Bask, we have the privilege to partner with a number of different companies and partners, and Epitome is just one of the many great partners we have. Owned and operated by chef Adam Nesti, Epitome Edibles creates handmade, artisan edibles using concentrates extracted by Harpoon Extracts.

Nesti’s use of live resin, hash rosin, and other infusion methods sets him apart from the pack. While most edibles use a distilled infusion method, Nesti’s approach invites the consumer to experience more of the plant, stimulating a grounded, down to Earth feel. 

Epitome’s line of products includes infused chocolate, chews, agave nectar, almond butter cups, and many more offerings. I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam and talk about the past, present, and future of Epitome Edibles:

What is your favorite part of the edible-making process? 

I love everything about the edible-making process. Making edibles is such a cool and fun job that I get to do every day. I think my absolute favorite part of the process is being able to create high-quality cannabis products in a safe and fun environment at Bask.

What first started you on the path to infused foods?

From a young age, I was always passionate about cooking and baking. When I had my first infused brownie, I was so disappointed with the quality of ingredients and preparation that was involved. I thought that if people want to eat cannabis, we should be able to enjoy the taste as well. So when I attended culinary school and worked in the restaurant scene, I always had the sole intention of using my education, knowledge, and passion to put forth high-quality cannabis-infused products. 

What goes into your soft chews?

Epitome’s signature AlrighTEA soft chew is made with sugar, isomalt, and glucose. They are set with gelatin, flavored with black tea and real lemon oil. All Epitome soft chews are infused with hash rosin from our friends at Harpoon Extracts.

What makes Epitome edibles different from most edibles on the market?

We are different from other edibles on the market because Epitome is award-winning and produces small craft batch sizes- everything is completely handmade. In addition, Epitome only infuses its products with hash rosin, creating a full-spectrum effect.

How do you keep your ideas for new products fresh?

I enjoy the process of keeping products fresh and innovative. I am constantly trying out new things inside and outside of the kitchen to develop the best flavor combinations possible. I like to focus on seasonal flavors that I enjoy daily.

What can we expect from Epitome in the future?

Epitome has some exciting things planned for 2023! We are in product development for new soft chew flavors and other product lines. As a brand, we are eagerly growing so keep an eye out for Epitome Edibles! 


Thank you to Adam for sitting down with us to answer these questions. To learn more about Epitome Edibles, and to see what we have on the menu, click here. We are excited to see what the future holds for Epitome.