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We’re starting a new tradition at Bask! Last year, we served up 5 great horror movies and paired some great strains for each. This year, we’re doing it again! Click here to read last year’s list, and get ready for a whole new round of frights, delights, and indulgences!


Suspiria, 1977 – Singapore Sling

Dario Argento’s surreal masterpiece tells the story of Suzy, a young dancer at a renowned German dance academy. As her friends start to die, one by one, she learns the horrible truth of this institution. Get ready for a visual onslaught of bright neon, surreal imagery, the occult, and so much more. 

Singapore Sling’s bright, sativa-leaning properties pair extremely well with Suspiria. With a taste profile of an orange creamsicle, this strain feels very old-school, perfect for the visual imagery of the 70s. Singapore Sling’s more cerebral effects reflect the surreal, almost dreamlike.


Christine, 1983 – Devil Driver

A possessed car possesses a teenage boy and goes on a killing spree. Oh, you thought the boy did it? You sweet summer child; it was the car! John Carpenter’s (yes, that John Carpenter) take on Stephen King’s novel is now a cult classic, filled with murder, mayhem, and some rockin’ 50’s classics. 

Bask’s newest strain, Devil Driver is a great companion to this motorpsycho nightmare. This happily calm strain tastes of fruit and herb, great for settling down for a Halloween movie night. Aromas of sour fruit and a little gas exemplify the reported cerebral effects of this strain, a cross of Melonade and Sundae Driver.


The Exorcist, 1973 – Poddy Mouth

A masterclass in horror, William Friedkin’s adaptation of William Blatty’s novel brings the frights up to 11. Young Regan is possessed by a demon, and it’s up to Father Karras to save the young girl through any means necessary. With an amazing screenplay, written with every possible swear in the book, this movie frightens audiences to this day.

A great pairing to this film would be Poddy Mouth. This balanced hybrid is equal parts euphoric and relaxing, helping to get you in the mood for some great scares. Get ready for a sweet, gassy taste reminiscent of some of your favorite nostalgic strains, perfect for some old-school scares.  


The Cabin in the Woods, 2011- Gelonade

Let’s take a trip into the comedy realm for a moment. 2011’s The Cabin in the Woods plays with the idea of what a horror movie needs to be. With secret lab workers controlling the scene, 5 twenty-somethings align with classic horror movie tropes, with twists and turns around every corner. 

To pair with Cabin’s more comedic nature, we’ve chosen Gelonade as a wonderful pairing. This sativa-leaning hybrid brings the giggles, a perfect companion to the laughs that abound in the film. This tropical-tasting strain, a cross of Lemon Tree and Gelato #41, has reported effects of euphoria, tingliness, and giddiness, great for this horror-comedy.


Bride of Frankenstein, 1935 – Wedding Cake

The sequel to one of the most famous horror films of all time, Bride of Frankenstein follows Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster, shortly after avoiding death. As Dr. Frankenstein obsesses over creating a mate for his original creation, the Monster wreaks his own havoc on the townsfolk. With a frightful climax and ending, this movie will transport you back to the golden age of Universal’s monsters.

A classic film deserves a classic, tried-and-true strain. Wedding Cake, one of Bask’s OG fan favorites, is everything you’re looking for in an indica. This full-bodied strain follows the pace of Bride, allowing for a comfortable watch to round out your Halloweed Movie Night. This cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints is known for its smooth, vanilla taste and its reported relaxing and calming effects. 


Did your favorite horror movie make the list? What would you pair with your favorite horror movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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