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On Thursday, July 18, 2019, Bask Premium Cannabis medical dispensary in Fairhaven was awarded the title of “Best Dispensary in the Southcoast” by residents of the community. The Best of the Best Southcoast awards are presented by SouthCoast Media Group to highlight businesses in various categories throughout the community.

In April, residents were able to nominate businesses in over 25 categories. Bask was nominated and made the top three in the “Best Dispensary” subcategory, along with Growing in Health in New Bedford and Northeast Alternatives in Fall River. Taken from the Bask Facebook page: “Bask is honored to win the title of ‘Best Dispensary in the Southcoast.’ With a year and a half of serving Massachusetts Medical Patients under our belt, the work has only just begun. We will continue to provide education to our patients and the community, produce high quality cannabis in a clean and safe environment, and help the local community through environmental cleanups, sponsorships and supporting local businesses throughout the area.”

Bask is preparing to move into a 30,000 square foot cultivation and processing facility in East Freetown under its partnership with AmeriCann, Inc before the end of Summer, 2019.  This new facility will feature a greenhouse for cultivation which, according to a release from AmeriCann, “enables cannabis to be produced with a greatly reduced carbon footprint, making the final product cost less.”

Massachusetts Cannabis Center in Freetown MA
Photo: Americann, Inc.

Since the beginning, Bask has been committed to reducing environmental impact. Replacing plastic pre-roll tubes with bio-degradable hemp options was the first step, “now we’re looking at hemp-based childproof exit bags and even different options for receipt paper,” says Ryan Roberts, Dispensary Retail Manager at Bask. For the last two years, Bask has been a volunteer and sponsor for beach cleanups with Be The Solution to Pollution, a local volunteer group that organizes beach cleanups throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Bask’s community impact also extends from supporting local businesses and charity groups to sponsoring events. To date, this local dispensary has sponsored over 10 donation drives to help local organizations including The Veterans Association of Bristol County, Veterans Alternative Healing Inc., United Way, The Epilepsy Foundation of New England, and Gifts to Give.

At this time, Bask in Fairhaven is open to patients who are registered with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program.  In June of 2019, the dispensary submitted their application for Adult Use cultivation, manufacturing, processing and retail sales; the licensing process is anticipated to take around six months; if granted, this will broaden Bask’s clientele to include adults who are aged 21+ with valid identification.

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