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Bask’s 2022 Valentine’s Day Guide is here! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve created a carefully curated list of products to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Whether you’re celebrating with a special someone or partying solo this year, these products are just what you need for a steamy night of elevated pleasure. Check out our four-course guide for a Valentine’s Day you won’t soon forget! Need some sexy tunes to accompany your evening? Check out our Bask In Love Playlist on Spotify

Bask Valentine’s Day Guide

Course 1

Kick off your 2022 Valentine’s Day festivities with our top picks to enjoy before your Valentine’s Day dinner date. These choices are great for their mellow and low-dose effects to start the night feeling relaxed but not too sleepy!

  1. Bask Wedding cake Wedding Cake is a go-to strain for smokers because it’s often reported to induce the ultimate mellow without feeling sleepy. Many couples choose this strain to celebrate their special day due to it’s reported uplifting and relaxing nature. Known to cause “the giggles”, this strain is the perfect way to kick off your lover’s night in and keep the pressure off!
  1. 1906 Love Drops This product is a great low-dose 1:1 option for your most intimate moments. Love drops act quickly making it a great starter to get in the mood. These drops from 1906 feature an array of sensual plant medicines like Ashwagandha to fight stress and boost your libido as well as Muira Puama, known as the Viagra of the Amazon! Offered in single doses as well as bottles of 30 drops.

Course 2

Whether you’re cooking a big meal or ordering take out, no meal is complete without a delicious beverage. Enhance your meal and your mood with these THC:CBD seltzers.

  1. Cantrip Seltzers Make your Valentine’s Day dinner more exciting by adding a Cantrip Seltzer! Cantrip is flavored with an artisanal blend of terpenes and herbs to complement any meal. Consider steak dinner paired with grapefruit hibiscus – subtle but delicious. Pair lemon basil with fish or ginger peach with sushi or pork dishes to cleanse your palate between bites. Cantrip Seltzers are low-dose and sessionable, making them perfect for social experiences for newbies and experienced cannabis consumers alike! 

Course 3

Valentine’s Day dessert is possibly our favorite course and this year we’re making it delicious and sexy.  After Valentine’s Day dinner, finish your meal with something sweet and sensual. We’ve got the perfect options for chocolate lovers and fruit chew lovers alike.

  1. For Play Chocolate BarFor Play chocolate bars are formulated by scientists with a unique blend of aphrodisiac herbs and cannabinoids. This 1:1 chocolate is designed to get you out of your head and in the mood by helping to decrease anxiety and enhance stamina, arousal, and sensitivity. 
  1. Smashin’ Passion Fruit Chew – Chocolate not your thing? Try these delicious passion fruit taffy chews made right in New Bedford! Betty’s Eddies Smashin’ Passion taffies are blended with Horny Goat Weed, known to increase blood flow and improve function in the bedroom.