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Why did the stoner stare at his orange juice? Because it said, “Concentrate!” This joke, known throughout the years as a way to identify your local dabber, is the perfect introduction to this blog post. We all know of 420 and its history, but what about 710? The dabber’s holiday has been shrouded in mystery for a long time, but now we finally have the truth. 

As concentrates became more of a standard in cannabis consumption, those who loved the method wanted their own holiday to celebrate the potent, dabbable oil. Rosin, resin, budder, badder, and crumble lovers like to celebrate the plant in a different way, so why not 710?

Now, some may be asking: Why celebrate on 710? The answer is quite obvious. Just turn over the number and you get a word: “oil.” 

The history of this holiday is a little hard to uncover. The use of 710 as a means for oil came from old oil caps on cars. It wasn’t until around 2011 that the day would become commonplace for dabbers to indulge. What started as a niche gathering of folks has now turned into a celebration. Think of the start of the Deadheads, or Rocky Horror Picture Show lovers. These were small, tight-knit communities of people looking for others who shared their interests. Now, these communities have grown exponentially over the years, with no sign of stopping. Maybe we have a new growing community on our hands. 

Now, you might have heard of “420 friendly,” a little code to let people know that you are cannabis-friendly, but “710 friendly” has also entered the zeitgeist, letting people know that you like to live more potent than those around you. 

Using concentrates is a way of consumption that is still new to a lot of people. To learn more about concentrates and how they are used, take a look at this article from Weedmaps, where they lay out concentrates in full to help those not in the know. 

What do you think of 710? Do you think it’ll become the next 420? Let us know in the comments below. Looking to get some concentrates for yourself? Check out our menu here.


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