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Nothing beats the heat better than staying in with your AC and a good movie. We’ve scoured the SouthCoast to find the best to-go spots and paired our favorite Bask strains for each! Make your next night-in even better with these recommendations.

1. No Problemo – New Bedford, MA

Located in the heart of downtown New Bedford, No Problemo answers the question, “Where can I get a good burrito around here?” This NB taqueria serves tex-mex up north, with signature burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and more. Our go-to burrito is the Spicy BBQ, filled to the brim with chicken, chipotle BBQ sauce, black beans, rice, and all the fixings.

Pairing – Chili Verde

Our pairing for a night-in with No Problemo is our Chilli Verde. This indica-dominant strain is known for its mix of happy and relaxing reported effects, with a touch of the munchies thrown in. With flavors of pepper and lime, this strain goes hand-in-hand with your favorite No Probs snack.


2. Yia Yia’s Pizza – Fairhaven, MA

Who knew that one of the best local pizza places is right in our backyard? Right around the corner from Bask is Yia Yia’s Pizza, offering traditional style and newer pizza options. Our recommendation from Yia Yia’s is their Athenian pizza, with roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, eggplant, feta, and roasted peppers. 

Pairing – Poddy Mouth

This newer Bask strain is an evenly balanced hybrid, offering a sweet, gassy flavor. Pairing this sweet strain with the savory pizzas of Yia Yia’s makes for an incredible, anytime experience, with reported effects of euphoria and calm. Settle in for a movie with Yia Yia’s and Poddy Mouth.


3. The Whale’s Tail Clam Bar – New Bedford, MA

A quick trip back to New Bedford for some of the best fried seafood around. This cute clam shack offers fried seafood platters, lobster rolls, and other fun goodies. Right on the water, this spot is great for grabbing a to-go order on your way home from work. Our go-to is the fried clam or scallop basket. A huge portion of your favorite shellfish, piled on top of some delicious fries, served with slaw and tartar sauce, make this spot a must-try.

Pairing – Gelonade

This refreshing, lemon-flavored, sativa-dominant hybrid is a great pairing for your favorite dish from The Whale’s Tail. This citrusy strain cuts through the fried seafood with a crisp flavor, with reported effects of headiness, happiness, and munchies. 


4. Yozakura Sushi – New Bedford, MA

Want to experience a Japanese sushi feast in the heart of New Bedford? Yozakura Sushi is located right in the middle of New Bedford’s south end, on the way to Fort Taber Park. With wonderful sushi rolls and Japanese entrees, this stop is one to experience. Go for an Ebi Matsuri or a Ruby roll. You will not be disappointed. 

Pairing – Lemon Jeffery

Lemon Jeffery’s unparalleled lemon flavor, mixed with its energetic, focused experience, makes it a perfect pairing for sushi. The citrus blast of this strain offers a unique counterpoint to the salty, fish taste of sushi, especially if you’re a fan of soy sauce. Grab this strain and your favorite roll from Yozakura Sushi and have a giggly night in. 


5. Back Door Burgers & More – New Bedford, MA

Staying in New Bedford takes us to one of New Bedford’s newest gems. Operating out of Merrill’s on the Waterfront, Back Door Burgers offers mouth-watering, juicy burgers piled high with whatever topping you’d like. Our favorite is “The Union St.,” a burger piled high with bleu cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, arugula, and balsamic glaze. What makes this place special? When you order take-out or delivery, they package the burgers with the top bun on the bottom, leaving the bottom bun to stay fresh and fluffy, not soggy like a lot of other burger places.

Pairing – Donny Burger

Burger and a Burger? Why not! Donny Burger, a Bask favorite, brings on the heavy relaxation and calm, perfect for a burger night. Throw on your favorite movie, preferably a Spielberg from the ‘80s, tuck in with your 2 burgers, and enjoy.


What do you think of our strain pairings? What’s your favorite to-go spot on the SouthCoast? Let us know in the comments below. You can check out all the spots listed here by clicking on the link in their description. Find your favorite strain by accessing our menu here. Happy eating!