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Need a last-minute gift? Is your stocking not stuffed yet? After surveying 1,000 Bask consumers, these are the top 5 best stocking stuffers for your Canna-Christmas.

#5 – Bask 1g Bags

What better way to have your friend sample your favorite Bask strain than with a gram of your favorite flower? Each bag contains 1g of Bask flower, usually with a high THC percentage. Grab this for your friend and elevate their holiday.

#4 – Howl’s Tincture

A different entry into the list, Howl’s Tincture can make a great stocking stuffer. In 3 different varieties- daytime, anytime, and nighttime- these tinctures make for a great gift. For your sativa-loving friends, grab a bottle of daytime. Try nighttime for your friend who can’t get a good night’s sleep. If your friend is both an early riser and a night owl, try anytime.

#3 – Bask Chillums

For those looking for a glass pipe experience, try a chillum! These pre-packed glass pipes come with .35g of your favorite Bask strain. For only $5, you can grab a great gift that your friend will love. Forget the usual pre-roll. Grab a chillum for your canna-conscious friend.

#2 – 1906 Drops

Massachusetts #1 edible, 1906 offers a discrete, functional way to consume your cannabis. With 6 different varieties- Go, Genius, Bliss, Chill, Love, and Midnight- these pressed pills can fit into any purse or bag and makes canna-consuming easy. Each 1906 pill contains a ratio of THC and CBD as well as other natural botanicals that have been used for centuries to treat or elevate life. Already have 1906 and need something to elevate it a little more? Try Bump. This pill contains only 5mg of THC, and it’s made to enhance the 1906 experience. Grab a bottle or a discovery pouch today!

#1 – Flamin’ Fruits Hot Sauce

Gummies and chocolates are so last year. Gift your friend something that will make them say “I didn’t know you could put cannabis in this!” Made by Rands Brands, Flamin’ Fruits Hot Sauce takes a wonderful strawberry flavor with a smooth, mild heat, perfect for incorporating into any recipe you’d like. (We actually made some guacamole with it last year. You can see that reel here.) A great gift for the chef in your life.

What do you think? Stop by Bask today to fill that stocking with some great gifts. You can preorder your stocking stuffers at our website here, so you can skip the line! Happy Holidays!