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We offer a variety of different products that offer relief in many different forms. Below you will find a quick overview of the product categories we offer and their uses.


Flowers of the Cannabis Plant are typically ground up and smoked using rolling papers, pipes or water pipes, and can also be vaporized. Smoking or vaporizing is a great option for first-time cannabis users as dosage can be better controlled due to the very short onset of the effects when inhaled. By taking a single inhalation and waiting 15 minutes, you can quickly see if the desired level of relief has been reached before continuing.


Concentrates come in many forms such as Hash, Oils, Rosins, and Waxes. As the name implies, they are concentrated and powerful forms of the Cannabis and should be treated as such. Dosage should be carefully administered, as even an experienced cannabis user may only need  a single inhalation to reach the desired level of relief.


Edibles are a great alternative to smoking and can have a longer lasting and more profound therapeutic effect in comparison. As with all medicine, dosage is very important. For first time users, it is recommended to start with a 5mg dose and wait at least 3 hours before judging the effects. Patient size and weight isn’t a reliable predictor for dosage, and everyone is different.

Specialty Products

Since cannabis has become a more mainstream and accepted form of medicine, there have been advancements in its use that go beyond the traditional smoking and eating of the plant for its medicinal effects. 

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